RE: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid
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RE: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid

Title: Philippe COURANT
Picture 1, on the left, is the '59 flite sweep trunk.  It has the smooth aluminum concentric rings and a recessed gold-anodized eagle.  Picture 2, on the right, is the '58 flight sweep lid, with the raised chrome eagle on the aluminum base, and the radiating ridges on the outer face.  I think there should be a shield, possibly like that shown on the blue trunk lid in the '59 prestige brochure on the IML website.  I've never seen a '59 that still has whatever was supposed to be there.
As an aside, note the chrome trunk handle on the '58.  Between the wings of the embossed eagle there's a small shield area.  There is supposed to be a sticker there with the same Imperial script style that's in the lower right corner of the trunk.  One of the spare trunk handles I got over the years had been chrome "painted", and you could just make out the word under the paint.
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Subject: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid

After the 11.00 x 14 tires (i note that nobody could confirm if these tires were really availabe in 1959 ..) i 've another question about the false spare wheel ornament, the "flite sweep deck lid". I know that each year from 57 to 59 there was some differences about molding, "wheelcover" , even if the lid and the stamped shape is the same.

I've a friend who has bought some months ago a "magnifique" persian pink 2dr H/T and he worries about the trunk lid.

- he thinks  the center "eagle" insert is missing. I've found today a '59 pic from ebay and indeed ther's an emblem in the eagle. Who has the reference and is this emblem the same as the one found on the rings ?
- Seems also that the stamped "cover" isn't the same on these 2 '59 Imperial. Who has the right ?


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