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RE: IML: 11 invh Tires

I would like to confirm that the 59 I have did come with 14 inch wheels. I have the 59 14 inch hubcaps and the original spare and the wheel has no wind slots for the brakes. I am converting to 15 inch wheels, managed to find 4 nice 59 crown hubcaps, another 4 nice Le baron hubcaps ( so now I have...12!) and 2 wheels, the last two are coming from Bob Hoffmeister.

Tires are expensive. I bought wide white walls with a 400$ rebate in an out of town shop. Much more expensive in my substantially larger home town tire specialist. Both were Coker tires. My experience: shop around.

I also note that the ads of the 59s are ALL showing the 14 inch hubcaps ( no slots)

I saw another one in Charlotte with 14 inch wheels.

Hope this helps.
Marc B
IMP 59

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Philippe COURANTI was an engineer at the Chrysler Jefferson Plant from 1954 to 1960 and we did offer Goodyear 11.00 inch tires one year - probably 1959. We discontinued the option because the ride benefit only came with the specified inflation pressure of 15 psi and in the field most cars with 11.00 inch tires got normal inflation pressures (28 to 30 psi). The ride with the 11.00 inch tire at 28 psi was worse than with the standard tire which I think was 9.50. That experience - plus the higher cost and the lower tread life - resulted in a decision to discontinue the 11.00 tire option. In hindsight, it was not a very good idea.

I can't remember what we did for a spare with the 11.00 inch tire option.

I can't remember the wheel size but I think it was 15 inch. We started the 1957 model with 14 inch wheels but changed to 15 inch wheels in either 1958 or 1959 for better brake cooling.

Burt Bouwkamp
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  Subject: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid

After the 11.00 x 14 tires (i note that nobody could confirm if these tires were really availabe in 1959 ..) i 've another question about the false spare wheel ornament, the "flite sweep deck lid". I know that each year from 57 to 59 there was some differences about molding, "wheelcover" , even if the lid and the stamped shape is the same.

I've a friend who has bought some months ago a "magnifique" persian pink 2dr H/T and he worries about the trunk lid.

- he thinks the center "eagle" insert is missing. I've found today a '59 pic from ebay and indeed ther's an emblem in the eagle. Who has the reference and is this emblem the same as the one found on the rings ? - Seems also that the stamped "cover" isn't the same on these 2 '59 Imperial. Who has the right ?


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