Re: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid
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Re: IML: about '59 Flite sweep deck lid

Picture 1, on the left, is the '59 flite sweep trunk. It has the smooth aluminum concentric rings and a recessed >gold-anodized eagle. Picture 2, on the right, is the '58 flight sweep lid, with the raised chrome eagle on the >aluminum base, and the radiating ridges on the outer face. I think there should be a shield, possibly like that >shown on the blue trunk lid in the '59 prestige brochure on the IML website. I've never seen a '59 that still >has whatever was supposed to be there.

I thought the one on the right was a '58 but I don't know them well enough to say for sure. Thanx for letting us know. My guess would be that they had extras left over after the '58 year and used them up before starting the new '59 design.

Steve B.

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