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Re: IML: Lead Additive

I would suggest converting the engine to unleaded. Lead was a lubricant and without it you will fry the >softer leaded specific parts eventually. Having to deal with unleaded additives is a science in itself and is very >costly. An engine rebuild will pay itself off in a short period of time. I burned up a lifter trying to keep up with >it and was always battling a ping even with high octane gas. After my engine was rebuilt and converted to >unleaded, I can run on 87 octane, all day long, and never have any issues. Plus I got about another 10 HP >from just machining the heads a hair off in the process. I have never had to worry about gas or additives >since. Plus 87 octane is cheaper then 94 and the cost of additives in every tank full. Trust me on this one.

The only leaded specific parts are the valve seats. Changing them has no effect on the octane requirement of the engine. If you are running 87 with no ping issues then your timing is not set correctly. On my '59 using 94 octane and setting the timing so it just barely pings under heavy throttle make a tremendous difference in the amount of power. I sometimes pull the timing back and run '87 when I am taking a road trip but I can't stand to run it that way around town. Just tooooo slow.

                   Steve B.

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