RE: [Chrysler300] Throttle dash bracket plastic
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RE: [Chrysler300] Throttle dash bracket plastic

No word from Gary regarding shutting off business so its worth a shot. 


That would be an easy order for Gary to fill.  Suggest mailing him the list price +45% and include a self-addressed stamped envelope to simplify things on his end.  You might do some shopping to see if there are any other items you need..


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA


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You can Machine this type of bushing from Delrin at low cost . Might need a snap ring instead of force fit . Had to do that for Ford stick shift linkage ( 57) rubber grommets they use are junk . ( why ford stick on column is all loosey goosey) Better than nylon . Find a small machine shop , with measurements of metal parts . 

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I know that Gary Goers is trying to get out of business, and maybe he has already called it quits, but he has them in his catalog. I do not have his catalog in front of me to give you his part number.


That is if its the nylon bushing on the bracket bolted to the rear of the engine that has the horizontal portion of the throttle shaft. This part of the throttle shaft is parallel to the fire wall.


Charlie Valentine


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On single carb 413's for both 63 and 64 C bodies, there is a little  C shaped  plastic bearing and rod locater that is broken on Angad's 300K



There is no part number for it as it is included in the 2205-820 engine side throttle linkage bracket.  Perhaps Murray can get me a used one but does anyone know of a reproduction?


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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