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RE: [Chrysler300] Chrysler Parts : C-300

Not to muddy the water, but I recall that 6-cyl plug wire sets for a Porsche or a Beemer had the precise size and length cable, color, ends and insulator.  Three owners could buy four sets for their ’51-58 hemi’s.  Sorry about no details. Then, there were those little flat steel strip springs used to align the wires.  One of our members was fabricating and selling them.


Rich Barber

Brentwood, CA.


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Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts online sells original style plug wires and has replacement insulators for $8.50 each. I have used a set of the wires on my 331 Hemi but I still have the original ceramic insulators. 

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On 8/5/2018 1:35 AM, Josh josh@xxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

> Hello!

> I’m in need of a few things for the 1955:

> 2.) Can anyone suggest a good source for plug wires? Most I have seen
> have soft boots that are hard to install. Wondering if there is
> another source different from the Atlas ones I bought last time.

> Josh Rancho Cucamonga, CA

A handy temp source until you find OEM boots is EASY to find in junk
yards, just look under the hoods of a lot of modern card for ones
with plugs in valve covers. Any that are at least 4-5/8" long will work.
Lots of them used hard plastic boots. Too long, a little hacksaw work
and a touchup to deburr and you are good to go. (EVEN MA Mopar used
them in modern times.) Most any neon/PT with the 2.4 has 4 of them.

Wires, stock was 7MM solid core, hence the resister plugs that were
standard. NAPA has the old 'Packard Bell' wire in stock usually, at
least around here, a sparkplug wire crimper is maybe $20 at O'Rielies
terminals were easy to get at NAPA, pretty sheep.
It was easier to Do the spark plug end first.

OR go the easy way and get with Bob At Hot HEADS

Me, I gotz a Stock ORigginal 392 set to work from, so I have made
(at home) maybe 5 sets myself.

Back in the late 60's to at least mid 70's around here the only over
the counter replacement sets were WITHOUT the boots. so some assembly
was required even that far back.

At one point Chrysler used AUTOLITE ceramic boots, then switched over
to the tan bakelite boots sometime around 1957. Others might be able to
confirm that. The Last time I saw used ceramic boots at a swap the
asking was about $100 for 8, Whoo-Whee!
Useless factoid, they only came in a box of 6, again, over the counter.

(Yes for some silly reason I have an original box of ceramic boots,
mostly for show and tell). The Wifypoo (RIP) once haggled at a big
swap meet and scored a set of 8 for $40.oo, she was tickled to do that
on her own after a brief consult with me as to potential price range
to work in.

Paul Holmgren
"The apparent lesson of the Inquisition is that insistence on uniformity
of belief is fatal to intellectual, moral and spiritual health."
-The Uses Of The Past-, Herbert J. Muller


Posted by: "Rich Barber" <c300@xxxxxxx>

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