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RE: [Chrysler300] F transmission mount donut


On my 62 H we just finished installing the engine and trans in the sub frame.  I ordered and installed that part # 187 from Gary that Rich mentioned.  It is a rubber grommet that installs in the hole in the cross member projection that the trans sits on.  The outside diameter of the grommet is about the same as the inside diameter of the large spring between the frame and the bottom of the trans mount, so it would keep the spring centered. 

Mike Meier provided me with the bolt I was missing.  The way mine installed there is still approximately ½” clearance between the large washer at the bolt head and the bottom of the rubber grommet, so the rear of the trans could raise up about ½” before the bolt would stop the movement up.  There is also a smaller washer at the bottom of the thread on the bolt, that passes through the grommet and bottoms out on the bottom of the motor mount when fully tightened.

Hopefully, nothing is wrong or missing, and the parts and installation follow the illustrations in the service manual, but it doesn’t seem like an award winning design to me.

And I don’t know if earlier or later cars were done the same way.



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I think this also explains the nasty CLUNK sound when going into reverse. This is even after a new ball and grunion and u-joint were installed. 


I don’t know where my Goers catalog is right now, so not sure if he repo’d them or not.





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Exactly right, Richard ! It raises it up maybe ½” or a little less if in there. (mine was flattened out) But with it all apart, seeing how it works, tail of trans can move off center side to side too, if rubber not there ; weight of trans seems to compress spring about ½’ too . (good to know that) Maybe other F’s I had seen in past was already missing this piece? Why I never noticed that. But I have noticed that center bolt hanging down. Would transmit vibration to frame and cause a rattle? And allow U joint to decenter , side to side .

Perhaps Gary made it? I do not have his catalog handy..

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Hi John,

I too am interested in this. Now that you have mentioned it, I think I am missing the “donut" from my G. At idle, the exhaust is hitting the frame. I had assumed the motor mount(s) had gone bad, but the brake torque test made them look good. Next, the engine and trans seem to be sitting in car square, so the trans mount is OK. I got underneath the car and the center bolt seemed to be extended below the crossmember. I could lift the transmission up towards the floorboard, perhaps 1/2”, clearly something is missing, or the spring has permanently compressed to an undesirable height. I am now thinking I am missing the “donut” you mentioned. 

As I look in my ’61 parts book, this appears to be part number 2122280 “stop”. 

I am assuming the F and G are the same. Any chance this is what you are referring to? 

Best regards,

Richard Osborne

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Anybody know if this is made? Or source? 

I have the rubber block type mounts, go on top of this, but found this rubber “wheeled Donut’ kind of thing , about 1.5” diameter at top of spring in lower trans mount was rotted out . Did not know it was there even , until today. 

Related, A518 fits in an F floor !! (A blocks / early / late hemi only) 

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