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To All,
I have bought car covers from John Lazenby for a couple of my cars and one for my brother's DeSoto wagon. Very happy with the product and the discount he passes on to Club members is an extra bonus. 

Covers are sized to fit reasonably well. All cars are stored inside but no climate control. Wisconsin runs a wide range of temps and humidity. No problems with scratching or paint damage but, as John says, make sure the car is clean before you cover it. Common sense says if you drag a car cover across a gritty paint surface, you will have problems.


On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 7:18 PM, John Lazenby french_fryguy@xxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] <Chrysler300-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, tried all day to remain silent on this topic but feel I can no longer do so.  Everyone has their own opinion and are certainly entitled to it.  This post is not to generate sales for my company but simply to inform.  Buy covers from whom you choose and for those who have mentioned my name in their post I thank you for your support and I'm happy you are pleased with our service and the product.  If you think a cover is bad for your needs then I say don't purchase one.

I've sold Covercraft Industries products for 47 years and they are the largest manufacture in the business and I might ad the best.  They have well over 80,000 patterns and are constantly increasing the count along with numerous materials to choose from for various needs.

FYI, the brand California Car Covers are mostly made by Covercraft as they are simply a sales outlet.  The difference on many of their products over Covercraft is the name assigned and the color of the material.

If you use the wrong cover for the wrong situation you will have issues.  Never use a "waterproof" cover as they don't breath and once moisture gets under the cover damage can occur.  Beyond that there really is no such thing as a "waterproof" cover as it is sewn together and that means openings where the thread goes through, thus a place to let moisture in.  If you use a cover where it is constantly whipped against the paint most likely damage could happen.  Remember, A CAR COVER IS NOT A GARAGE no matter what material is used or whoever makes it.

My first cover was purchased in 1963 for my first Volkswagen and it came from M.G. Mitten in Pasadena, CA which in a round about way evolved into Covercraft.  I personally have covers for all of my collector cars and some are 30 + years old and still do an excellent job.  Most are museum quality and some in black which would be the worst for scratching.  I don't experience this issue because the cars are stored in a protected building AND clean prior to the cover being installed. 

Being in the business and owning a company that sells the product I could have the most expensive covers made but I see no need and look at it from a best buy for the dollar and I try to do the same for customers.  Once again, this is not a sales promo to buy from me or anyone else but simply to inform.  I hope this info will be of some assistance.

John Lazenby

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I bought a indoor outdoor California cover, they custom make them to your size. I would recommend a indoor flannel one if only needed for indoor use.



Posted by: Brian and Kathy Frank <300gforce@xxxxxxxxx>

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