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Re: [FWDLK] Copper Nickel Alloy brake lines

I echo what Bill said.  We used this on my 64 Fury when I went from a single to dual brake lines.  Everyone says that is easier to work with, and lasts longer (plus-plus).


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Go for it. I work for Advance ( part-time ). I will use this line if i cannot get the original style for my Magnum. Many garages we service love this stuff.

Bill the Magnumguy
John 3:17

On 12/22/2020 5:30 PM, J Johnson wrote:
I'm still working on the brake system on our 1955 Imperial.  I had the power brake booster rebuilt by White Post. And have it back on.   It came back beautiful.  I decided to replace the brake lines and hoses along with honing the wheel cylinders and installing new rubber cups in them.  I am using Copper Nickel brake lines and double flaring the ends.  Has anyone had any experience using this type of brake line?  I've done some research on this brake line and it seems a good choice.  I ordered the hoses from NAPA and they came in from China.  They are going back to NAPA as I found a place that makes them here in the good ol' USA.  I have the rear brakes almost done and then to the long line from the front to back with the junction point on top of the frame.  Wish I had a lift at this time.  I can still crawl around under the car pretty well though.  
Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to you all out there in Mopar Land.

Jack   in Shinglehouse, PA.  We may get another 10-12 inches                                                of snow by the weekend

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