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Re: [FWDLK] Lighting Issues

I connected the leads to the brake reservoir and the brake lights lit right up.  Apparently the brake pressure switch is bad.  Will replacing the switch correct both tail and stop lights?


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For what it’s worth, here’s a wiring diagram that shows the interaction of the brake light switch with the turn signal switch.

On Aug 24, 2020, at 4:57 PM, Dan Morton <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The headlight switch could be implicated in the tail lights (and parking lights), but not the stop lights.  The suggestion to bypass the switch on the master cylinder is a good one.  The fact that the turn signals work - which will interrupt the brake light on the turning side - suggests the turn signal switch is OK.

On Aug 24, 2020, at 4:49 PM, John Schutte <mr_mrs_schutte@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Disconnect the 2 wires coming off the brake light switch on your master cylinder  and join them together,  if your brake light then work , you have a bad sender...if not then look further into the lighting switch or directionals.

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Subject: [FWDLK] Lighting Issues
I have a 59 Dodge Coronet which I am having a lighting problem with:  The turn signals work, but tail lights and stop lights do not.  Since I think the turn and stop lights both work off of the same filament, and just to ensure that it's not the bulb (1157), when I saw the problem, I replaced the original bulbs.  No change.

Could it be the contact of the brake light sensor (it has the hydraulic pressure switch on the brake reservoir)?

Thanks for your thoughts....

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