[FWDLK] 1955 Imperial
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[FWDLK] 1955 Imperial

I am finally working on my 1955 Imperial 4 door.  Only had it just over 3 years now, but will have more time now that I retired.   At least I think I will.    Any way it was a work in progress until the previous owner passed away  and I bought it.  It is repainted but needs to have some of the mouldings put back on and a lot of little things taken care of.  I need to know about the rocker panel moulding.  One is on the other is off.  I attached 2 photo’s of the clips that hold the rocker moulding on.  Is it in the right direction “up” as shown in the photo?  Also is the top tang to be bent after it goes into the 2 holes in the body to hold it securely?  Then there is 2 holes in the front fender that would have clips in them, but I don’t have the clips. any one have a photo of the front 2 clips?  Also I need to put the Wheel well moulding on and don’t have the clips for them. Any one have photo’s of those clips.  I think I need 12 for the back two fender well mouldings and 6 for the one front fender well moulding.  The other front well moulding is on.  I could take it off and see what the clips look like, along with the rocker moulding that is on that side and see what the 2 clips look like.  I may need an Imperial name plate for the one front fender as only one is good, but I need to look in another box to see if I have a spare to use.  Also I need to know what holds the nameplate on to the 3 studs that hold the name plate on.  I am sure I will have other questions as the work progresses.  I do have the 55-58 Mopar dealer parts book and a service manual for the Imperial. 
Thank you all in advance.
Jack  in Shinglehouse, PA getting colder, but no snow yet


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