Re: IML: 1956 Imperial original Lenses needed please
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Re: IML: 1956 Imperial original Lenses needed please

Gee, glad I got my set of reproductions from the land of OZ when I did. They are now on the car and the damaged originals are in storage. The extra park light lenses that I have are also buried, and may not be suitable for your purposes anyway. This is bad news for some Imperial folk. NOS back up lights are going to be tough to find.

Good luck and keep up the good work! Too bad there isn't a way in your process to make them without destroying the moulds.

Paul W.

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Hello all, I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle over here in the land of OZ, I badly need to re-make the moulds for the 56 Imperial Back-ups and Park Lenses so i can keep supplying them to those of you that need them, but I made a big slip-up. I now realise I had to return the originals I used for the original moulds and I so I can't re-make the worn out moulds, can anyone Loan me a decent Original Back-up and Park Lens???

If anyone just happens to have a NOS of either I would be happy to buy them to keep as Masters for future moulding, can anyone help please??   George Laurie ( Australia ) regards George.

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