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Re: IML: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish

That looks great!!!  Would you please post a detailed method of obtaining those results? And a list of materials?

Thanks for sharing this!


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Sent: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 8:14 pm
Subject: IML: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish

Last fall I refurbished the interior on my 61 convertible. I have been meaning to put a web page together chronicling this event but just haven't gotten to it. 
Well, this afternoon I threw together a simple page, mostly as an incentive to those of you contemplating a little interior work this spring. As are most projects I get involved with, this one is short on cost and long on elbow grease. 
Check out my work at
I'll build a better web page someday.... 
Ken Miller 
Portland, Oregon 
61 and 67 Converts (no longer embarrassed about the interior of the 61) 
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