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Re: IML: 1969 air cleaner question

The original air cleaner was painted black and had a pie tin saying Imperial that fit the depression perfectly. The '69 air cleaner was a one year only deal. It had the same snorkle as the '67-'69 twin units but only having one. The '67-'68 single units had a real long snorkle and pointed almost straight at the radiator. The '69 snorkle pointed more off to the side, was shorter and had an oval opening. The idea was to muffle the intake sound as much as possible. I would use one that breathes better too, just don't trash the old one. I love your Mopar collection!
'65 Crown
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Thanks Ed:
The silver does not look right which is probably part of the reason that I replaced the air cleaner originally. I also do not like the tiny opening for air to get in with the single snorkle. I will keep my eyes open for a dual snorkle, but will refinish the original in black.  

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 I replaced the oringinal air cleaner on my 69 Lebaron with a duel snorkel unit from a lesser Mopar of the same vintage.  It breaths much better and to me looks better.  Anyway, the original air cleaner was painted black and the "pie tin" was molded to fit the contours of the air cleaner.  I was lucky enough to find a repo tin at Chryslers at Carlisle several years back and it not only fits the original air cleaner but also is a perfect fit for the duel snorkel air cleaner I'm running now.
Ed Noble
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Fred Joslin

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