Re: IML: How much for a 1972 Imperial?
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Re: IML: How much for a 1972 Imperial?

Pay as little as you think the owner will go is my

These cars are really, really depressed in value, and
$3000 would buy a very nicely turned out car here in
California.  Yours sounds like it has more
"opportunities" for improvement than a $3000 car

Unless you are emotional about it, I'd say
$1500-$2500, with $2500 being really high would be the
area I'd start probing.  $1850 would be my reaction on
an amount that's relatively fair to both buyer and
seller from this far away if you wanted a precise

The idiot dash light indicates that you probably have
a brake job ahead of you on that car PLEASE BE
CAREFUL!! Mine went away with a new master cylinder -
I'd encourage you to do the brakes regardless unless
you have a receipt for a complete redo within the last
7 years from the PO.

Both my 72 and 73 needed a new booster after a little
use as well.

The auto temp is always bad on all of these cars due
to a bad design.
The only real solution is an aluminum unit as seen on
the club website for $600 or a bypass and no hot/cold
besides the windows and really handy vents that have
handles below the steering column.  Use that as a
bargaining chip!  $600 sure is a LOT of money, don't
you think?

The antennas are also finicky, so that's par for the

Output seal on the trans on almost all torqueflights
should get a redo, so look at that is my suggestion.

Get whatever's loose in the front end looked at AFTER
you tighten up the steering box (2 wrenches and 5
minutes).  Then get KYB shocks and a brake job, and
you're on your way to happiness with the car.


--- CGeffken@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks for the assistance in pricing the Imperial. 
> I looked at it  today and 
> it drove very well.  It's a well optioned car that
> has the sure  brake 
> option.  Unfortunately the Auto-Temp doesn't work
> and neither does  the power 
> antenna.  It drifts a little when driving but when I
> pressed hard  on the brakes 
> when I was driving it, the sure brake light came on
> so I guess it  still works.  
> There are lots of dents and dings on both sides of
> the car  and it's worn away 
> on the creases on the hood.  So, what's a good
> price,  $2,500..... $3,000?
> Thanks,
> Carl
> Hi,
> I have a line on a 1972 Imperial LeBaron, triple
> black, cruise control,  rear 
> air, and split front seats.  It has lots of dings
> and dents but is  
> definitely in respectable condition.  What is a good
> price for a  '72?
> Thanks,
> Carl
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