IML: Texas meet
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IML: Texas meet

Doug asked:
Hi, Hugh,
Any date selected for the Texas meeting yet?  Or was it selected and I missed it?
Doug Norton
1964 Crown Coupe
Well, I feel totally stymied.  We have two dates, 9/15 & 9/29 but no definitive place to meet.  Unless we act quickly, 9/29 is going to become the default decision, as there won't be enough time to do 9/15.  Austin is convenient, but no one knows the place well enough.  I'd go further, to Temple or Waco, if that might help, or the Pate Museum outside Fort Worth, which I have not visited in many a year.  Or we could meet in San Antonio.  Easy for me to say, of course, because I live here but at least I can think of any number of places to go, plus wives, etc, can go shopping at the RiverWalk.

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