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Hi, Hugh,
Any date selected for the Texas meeting yet?  Or was it selected and I missed it?
Doug Norton
1964 Crown Coupe

"Hugh, 58 Imperial" <imperial58@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I await with some interest anyone saying, "Yeah, my car was made in 19XX and boy is it a stinker.  Just about every car built this year is too."  Tisn't going to happen.  In any given year, heck, in any given week, most cars were made well but one or two bombs slipped through.  They used to talk about Monday morning and Friday afternoon cars though not so much any more.  If you are looking to enlarge your collection, the only positive reason I can think of for asking such a question, just go with your heart.  Chances are really good that if it has lasted this long, looks good and runs well, it's worth every dime.  The passage of time has sent the poorly built cars to the junk yard a long time ago.
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Hi List,
Which were the years that the Imperials were not ( Quality wise) manufactured as well as other years. Was it 1957 to 1960?

Luis Colon
1968 Blue Convertable,1974 Chysler New Yorker.

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