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Re: IML: Quality

Can't really comment on my '63. It was too molested when I got it to say what was chrysler's or its owners' fault.

But, on my '68 Polara.... I found panel attachments that weren't even drilled for. I had wondered why the car rattled like a son-of-a-gun. But, I found out why when I took it apart. It's alot quieter now that all the screws that were supposed to be there are now.

My grandfather drove the "last" of the Imperials, a '75. Constantly complained about the rattles. But, he turned around and traded it in two years later for a 77 NYB coupe. So, I'm guessing it wasn't too bad.

For an insider's perspective, '54 was one disastrous year. Here's the story over at allpar:


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