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The only production year Imperial that I am aware of where build quality was publicly, specifically, and contemporarily criticized was 1957. That seemed to have been true of the entire Chrysler Corporation line, and due to fast retooling for the totally new cars. Engineering wise and in design they were fabulous, but most authorities of the time felt there were significant quality control problems in assembly. That said, any '57 Imperial that is still here wouldn't likely carry many, if any of these original problems. They were all correctable and usually were very early in the life of the automobile. Although few, every '57 I have ever driven or inspected was great. Anyone I knew of who owned one, loved it.

Nearly all other Imperial models were considered to be at least as good or better than what was being offered by other manufacturers of their time. All 1957 and beyond Imperials were considered to be among the very best handling and engineered cars on the road. My favorite feature of our cars is the competent handling characteristic.

Paul W.

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Hi List,


Which were the years that the Imperials were not ( Quality wise) manufactured as well as other years. Was it 1957 to 1960?





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