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Speaking of assembly line workers...

If I crawl into the trunk of my 83 Imperial and look up and back. There is an unpainted section of the body work were someone on the line wrote, in Glacier Blue Metallic the color of my car, F*** YOU A******.


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On Sep 6, 2007, at 7:13 PM, sosmi@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

 When it came to quality, no mater what the car line, it all came down to the skill, care, and desire to do the best job, by the production line worker. With the union contracts, strikes, assembly line sabotage, sub-standard work, the hung over Mondays etc. it's no wonder there were gaps in quality. Remember the old saying, "You don't want a Friday, or Monday car" There was some real merit to that saying. Not too many years ago, I took the doors apart on my 64 Dodge custom 880, every door had a paper coffee cup in it. I don't think a robot would do that now.Ya'll have a nice day, Dave.
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From: louis colon <luis10241@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi List,
Which were the years that the Imperials were not ( Quality wise) manufactured as well as other years. Was it 1957 to 1960?

Luis Colon
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