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This is only a random collection of links pertaining to the finned Plymouths, in no particular order. If anyone would like to ssee this part of the page better organized, or want Furyworld to link to your site, please email me a link and/or banner for your site with a detailed description of the site and its content.


It appears that Clay Wood, the man behind My Desoto Picked up shop for a better site. Check out MoFins! Home of a slowly reanimating '58 Belvedere, as well as two other Forward Look cars, all with restoration details with pictures.

The epicenter of our favorite Forward Look cars online. Messange boards, information, archives, yards, webrings, it's all here. Be sure to drop Dave a thank-you in his email for a great network, and for hosting the site of yours truly.

This is home to Jeff's Plymouth Central, a favorite website and competition of yours truly. This site sports full pages of Plmouth data and rare shots I can't get, so stop on over and check it out.

Sister site to Plymouth Central, starring the imfamous scream-machine that got many of us here! Go help pay homeage to Christine.

This is the actual Car & Driver article of the extensive tests done on our prized star, the 1958 Plymouth Fury. With the engine compartment stuffed with the 350ci. Golden Commando and 4,000 miles on the odometer, the technicians wrung out the Fury. The suspension, brakes, engine horsepower and torque, push-button transmission with the extra one and two-speed options, cornering abilities, and many other aspects were brought to light. See what they found and reported in this article, as well as the comparison to the 1957 Fury, also tested but unpublished online.

The Coronado Page! Here's where I got most of the Coronado pics I have from, Philippe Courant's site. Thanks!

Check out the official site of the man behind Christine's closeup!

American Auto Manuals on CD-ROM - Pre-1979 factory shop manuals and parts books on CD-ROM, ran by David Read.

Restoring and showcasing his full arsenal of Forward Look future beatuies, is Mopar Mel.

Ron Waters' online newspaper, dedicated to his Forward Look collection, featuring a Sunflower Yellow/Iceburg White '58 Belvedere.

1959 Sport Fury.net - Like the 1959 Plymouth and all about it? This is the site for you, showcasing Dan Morton's Faulkner.

RumbleNet - Not Plymouth/FWDLK/MoPar related, but they offer free websites to auto enthusiasts.

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