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Welcome to the fifth incarnation of Plymouth Run, dealing in all things Plymouth from 1956 to 1960. Please do not use any information or images to your own site unless you ask first. Please email or instant messange all comments. I like feedback good or bad.

Last few months the site has slipped in the ranks, but our hit-to-vote ratio is equal. Everyone who visits likes the site. Thank you all! Last month's rank in the top 100: 28

The navigation system at the top of the page is new, but bear with me. It will appear in the same spot on every part of the site.

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    Until I can get my hands on a book I've been needing and get permission from its author, the 'Data' section will remain     incomplete unless I can get severe help from site visitors. Sorry for the inconvinience. A huge thanks to Dave Stragand and The Forward Look for hosting Plymouth Run!

12/23/07-Wow, its been a long time. Fiddling with updating the '57 Resto section now, expect a flood of updates there.
8/7/05-Another three chapters in the '57 Fury Resto. These are getting down to the nitty-gritty, the details. Glass and seat belt reproduction. Soon, the paint!

Two pics of a 1959 Belvedere two-door HT at the biggest car show in Europe at Anterpen, Belgium. Taken by Jonny Bens.

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