[Chrysler300] age & speed
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[Chrysler300] age & speed

I was old when I bought my B.  I was young when a friend’s dad bought a new C—the only letter car ever sold in our home town.  I remembered the C until I got old enough to have more money than brains, and realized I wanted a B. Well I liked my B, drove it to Pete Fitch’s meet in N.J. and then to the meet in Salisbury, N.C.  11+ hours on I 81 and I 85.  The next day, J. Lazenby, partial to B’s drove my B to the Level Cross shop of R. Petty.  He asked if he could “see what it would do.”  Sure—and there we went, up I 85 at the front of the pack, his foot firmly into the gas.  He noted that the oil pressure was low.  I noted the speedo going past 100, and then 110 and then past 120.  I think it crept up to 130+ when John noted that the spindles were 45 years old, and I noted that the radials were rated for 85; it didn’t matter, since at that speed the front wheels were lifting off.  L. Jett was in the back seat, unusually quiet.
I learned later that D. Verity of R.I. followed in his G, videotaping the event to “see what it would do.”    A later calculation using radial tire size and other advanced arithmetic functions led me to believe that we really only went about 113. Ah well.. 
I did the drive back north, this time in consort with R.. Merrit and his Imperial (w/300 medallion) and it still took 11 hours but it was much funner.  
Doug Mayer
Northport, Maine
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Posted by: Doug Mayer <mobydoug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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