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Re: [Chrysler300] Re: Colorful comments

Look, what I heard from a quite experienced, quite old painter... back in the days where our 300ers were built, the metallic powder was magnesium, not aluminum like in contemporary colors. To get the shine in sun light like in the old days, a slightly colored clear coat is needed to simulate the different metallic reflection.

With my 300F I'll get the same difficulties... Mercedes Classic white is too yellow compared to the Alaskan White applied by the factory. Contemporary white is ways too bright as well. Because in my eyes Alaskan White is slightly biased into beige or egg shell.

Yours faithful


On 27.02.2018 17:50, 'John Grady' jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Chrysler300] wrote:

Along this thread line, and back to Toreador Red,--- This AM coming to work (I pretend to work, pretend to get paid, too) , I saw the Local Fire Chief’s (Ayer Ma) new Ford explorer  at the fire station ; it is painted a really nice color that I remember as being Toreador Red (as I remember it) or even better than Toreador red. It does have some purple in  it, going slightly dark toward red wine color, and a light metallic ; it looked so good that if I were doing an F--- on it goes. Must be a stock new ford color ….


Jamie’s travails are typical of trying to “match” old colors, and then once you pull the trigger, if you are not happy with all the custom mixing afterwards, you kick your tail every time you see the car. After all that $ , time and effort. Been there. Too many times. And repainting a few times brings no joy to the wallet or months of work at all. In pursuit of what? What someone else thinks or dictates the color is ? Contrast to that, --you see a modern car with a great color and you are sure you are going to be getting that color, in a much better , high volume produced , easily matched paint, and it is very close to, or possibly better looking than the original. This comment is in the context of metallics. I know not all agree, but my .02.  I want to walk out of my house and say WOW when I see my car, not “damn, missed the color again, arrgh””too little or too much metallic” “not quite right” etc etc . On non metallics match for sure, 57  Gauguin (sp) red, aka (to me) Salmon,  we did that from under the taillight bezel. Beautiful.


Interesting topic….




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One factor you may be running into is humidity levels. If you are spraying in your garage with humidity levels above 50-60%, you will end up with much different results than if humidity is below 40%.




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Another thing I learned was with the modern two part paint systems the gloss and sheen changes over time as the chemical reaction completes in the coating and the solvents off gas out through the upper layer of color. I was thinking that the last application was perfect after a few hours of dry time only to see the next day it was way too dull.  


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Jamie -


Yes, it's always a good idea to do 'spray outs' before painting the actual part. I know the Dupont system is very flexible in terms of tweeking color and gloss.




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Another problem I ran into when painting the dash on my 65L was the vintage formula. The original DuPont color mix from the factory calls for a certain amount of deglosser to be added to the color. That chemical additive has been banned from sale now. The paint shop that I dealt with can only supply a flatting agent which has different properties. They could not tell me what the new mix ratio should be as they have no reference from the old deglosser to the new flattener ratio. Well one can guess what happ ened when I applied it. The first application was way too glossy, but the color was great at the original deglosser ratio, the second application was still too glossy, (I had added more flattener) but by now the paint was getting too thick, so back to the sand blaster to start again. I reprimed the dash and the third time it was way too dull (I had added more flattener) and that is when I ran out of time and weather. Looking back I know I should have just painted test panels rather than the whole dash but it was a gamble.


Jamie Hyde

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