Re: [Chrysler300] 440 Engines and Cross Rams
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Re: [Chrysler300] 440 Engines and Cross Rams

I am in the process in installing a set of rams on my F with a 440. As I was told, they had to use my old crank shaft from my 413  to mate the engine to the transmission. waiting on heat risers to proceed with the install.. Engines been in since 1980 and no problems with different engine so far.

Good luck !

Steve Beard
300 F 
Delaware, Ohio

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Forgot to mention, mine is coupled to a '62 transmission. Nothing special to connect that I am aware of.

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> Has anyone out there used the Cross Ram setup with a 440 engine? Are
> there any potential issues to be considered? Thanks!

remember this, the tides of marching onward and upward are often
hampered by the special crossram cam needing special attention
to the CAM TIMING as others have oft repeated in this forum.

Typing that, someone 15 or so years ago added FI bungs to a set
of crossram mannyfolds and made that run.

the 440 block has been done several times with cross rams, the extra
cubics dont hurt as I understand it.

Paul Holmgren
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Posted by: Sandy Beard <sbeard2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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