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RE: [Chrysler300] 413 Pistons

If you mess with shims thick gaskets any of that to reduce compression you take away the correct quench space, as it widens out . That can cause a poor performing motor. Will run ok ,but possibly lose mpg and output. But all these things are tradeoffs. If driving as a grocery getter, will be fine.


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Thank you for all the replies.


Customs are always a choice (an expensive choice) and was wondering about off-the-shelf ones.


The 10:1 piston is not a problem as various expedients such as the range of head gasket thicknesses alone allows some fine tuning. With Mopar's head spacer package P4529099 the .060 shim drops it about a full point.


With an engine that will be at less than 10:1 static compression and won't be raced, are cast pistons sufficient?  What results have people gotten from using Egge  pistons? I know there has been mention of some people using them. As far as Rebuilder's Choice has anyone used them and what was the experience, good, bad, indifferent? Looks like Rebuilder's choice may have some connection to Kanter


If I need new pistons and cast pistons won't do, so be it.  I'll have to either go custom or find some alternative.




Posted by: "John Grady" <jkg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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