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Re: [Chrysler300] 413 Pistons

When I rebuilt the 413 in my 300J I had forged pistons custom made from Venolia pistons.   I have seen some of what’s available “off the shelf”, and wasn’t impressed with the quality of material or size.  I was able to get the non-stock compression ratio ( 9.0:1 ) that I wanted.  They require more skirt clearance than stock and they will rattle a little, especially when cold, and oil consumption will be a little more that most people like. 
They, and several other piston manufacturers, can make you pretty much anything you want.  Just be prepared to drop around a grand for a set. 
Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 9:20 AM
Subject: [Chrysler300] 413 Pistons

The block is out and I'll be taking it to the machine shop soon . I wanted to know my options for pistons before it goes in the tank , however, and searched the archives to see what others were doing. I've also searched the net for possible sources.  Given the lapse of time since some of those e-mail exchanges in this forum, what may have been available then may  now be dried up.  There were also references to sources without the inclusion of a link. Current searching for a  link turned up nothing. The intent of this post is to update the existence of any sources for 413 pistons as I found it so if someone knows of another source I missed they can let us know..

Summit Racing, Jegs , etc. seem to only have 413 pistons for truck (low compression) applications.

Pistons from Sealed Power, Badger , etc. seem to have dried up although I'm sure ebay may occasionally list one.

Boring out to a 426 seems plausible but I haven't seen pistons designed for a stock 426 wedge engine  that will produce a reasonable (mid 10s) static compression ratio. Am I missing a source of viable 426 pistons?

Pistons for a B 383-  fine diameter but low compression height.< /o>

E-bay has for example (falcon global, old parts source) some "Rebuilder's Choice" in original, and various oversize to .060 over, same compression height as Egge, see below, which should be 10:1 with original dimensions. Anyone have experience with Rebuilder's Choice pistons?

Foreign sources were mentioned (including "Down Under" and Turkey) but no links were found.

Egge - I see they sell up to .080" oversize for a 413. I assumed a .060 overbore and calculated a static compression ratio of 10.2 - 1 ( using std deck height, 3.75" stroke, .020" gasket thickness, head chamber of 73cc etc). Those who have used Egge- does that sound about right from your rebuilds? What has been the experience of using Egge pistons?

Kanter Auto lists pistons for early '60's Chryslers. When asked for a compression ratio or compression height  I was told they are "original type" and they just need to know 2-bbl or 4-bbl.

If you know of any other sources this may be a good place to list them.

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