[FWDLK] 1957-58 Plymouth Bumper Wings and Lower Valance Grill Guard
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[FWDLK] 1957-58 Plymouth Bumper Wings and Lower Valance Grill Guard

Hello List Members, 
I sold my 57 Plymouth Belvedere a few years ago and since I have moved and down sized. It time to sell off a lot of parts and accessories that I have been collecting for the 57 Plymouth that I have and will not use.
I would like to offer the Forward Look members first opportunity before listing on Ebay.
I have a set of Front and Rear Bumper Wings ,these are driver quality but would need to be replated to be Show Quality but other wise good for a driver. I paid $2200. For the set about 10 years ago and will sell for what I paid. I will not separate the set , I know that many people will only need the Fronts as they are the scarcest, do the front end crashes. If you only need the fronts because you have the rears them buy the set and keep the best and sell of the rest. This is what I did many years back when I bought the set. I have been watching Ebay for many years and have not seem any sets for sale and only singles other than some fibreglass copies and you can't chrome plate them.
The other item that I have that is offered first refusal to the person that purchases the Bumper Wings. I have a Lower Front Valance Grill Guard , this Grill Guard is very rare Accessory item and I have only seen one other on a car at Chrysler Carlisle . This Bumper Guard attaches to the underside of the front bumper using  two J bolts attached the the front bumper support brackets. 
I have many items and accessories that I will offer to the list members later. If you are interested please PM and I can send you pictures of the Bumper Wings and Grill Guard.
Again please don't ask for fronts only as I will not split up the set. Shipping will be extra.
Thanks Wayne.  

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