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Re: [FWDLK] Free Gas Tanks

I looked inside the three tanks, and saw that all are pretty-much usable, as-is. 

The 74 tank looks good, with minor surface rust in a couple areas.  Nothing that would break free and cause a problem.

The one Forward Look tank is extreme clean, but it is the one that has a dent in the corner (looks like some tried to use a jack in the wrong place, but should not compromise the tank in any way).  The other has a couple spots of surface rust, but nothing that a good cleaning should not cure.  Both still have the old (worthless) sending units in them.

Guys, If you definitely want one, plan to pay for shipping and any "prep" for shipping.  Local pick-up is greatly preferred.  The reason I got these out of the shed is to get rid of them.  I don't want to store them (kinda defeats the purpose of "cleaning-out" if they are sitting in the shed or garage...).  So, if interested, plan on letting me know.  I hate to throw them away, but really don't want to store them any longer....

Larry (Akron)

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Since there appears to be interest in the 57-59 tanks and the 74 B-Body tank, I will look carefully inside (as much as possible) and report. 

I know that none of the tanks have rust-through or pin-holes.  The 74 tank is still somewhat shiny.  The Forward Look tanks have surface rust and one has a corner dent.  The Forward Look tanks still had the sending units sealed in the tanks, so it blocked most any access from moisture and assorted critters.  The B-Body tank had duct tape over the openings.

Again, the tanks are located outside Akron, Ohio...

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