[FWDLK] 58 plymouth number questions
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[FWDLK] 58 plymouth number questions

Dear list,
Today I got my 58 Belvedere taxed. We came upon some questions;
The number at the drivers door says; LP2L 19229, but LP2L seems to indicate a Plaza...
There is also a number under the hood on the right, that says (if I read it correctly, it is hard to read due to the thick paint on it) ?? 325 LP2L 252 203 133
There should also be a number on the chassis, but we could not find it. Does anyone know exacly where it should be?
Is it possible to find out the original color by any of these numbers?
Is it possible to find out if the engine is still the original?
Thanks for any help!
Mischa de Graaf (Netherlands)


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