Re: IML: Invitation?
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Re: IML: Invitation?

Those that haven't received an invitation (or can't find it, or the dog ate it, etc), can do a request from the subscribe section of the website:

The note will be forwarded to the admin team and you will get added. Once you're added, you'll need a Yahoo! mail account to manage your new account on the group. However, you can still get emails sent to your old email address. Just save your Yahoo! mail account for managing your settings on Yahoo.

How do I know the email is coming from the new group?
The mail from the new group will come to your email program with the tag [Imperial-Club] in the subject line. The old mail system (like this one) has the tag IML:.

So, for the new group, you'll need to do two things
1) Get an invite. See the link above.
2) Create a Yahoo ID to use with Yahoo groups to manage your account. Be sure to add your regular (non-Yahoo) email address to your Member information section as an alternate email address. Then, you'll be able to set up Yahoo to forward the group mail to your regular account.

Once you've got all that set up, I'd be glad to walk anyone through the rest of the process. A bit daunting, but worth it in the end!


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