Re: IML: How not to buy a classic car
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Re: IML: How not to buy a classic car

Hey Kenyon, and group, I encounter this sort of thing all the time in the classifieds.. " running when parked" is almost always a crock.. nobody just parks a car that's running great, I guess they just don't want to say the truth that it was kinda' running "ish" (it rolled)  when it died there..., but usually the person selling the car has no idea why it was parked, and is usually someone who knew or was related to the person who parked it, because the needed repair was way more then the car was worth when they parked it ( typically 5 or more years prior to me seeing it) my other favorite is the "needs TLC" line.. that usually means something akin to "the only salvageable part left on this car is one inside door handle"  and oddly enough, that's the car they want 6500.00 for because a neighbor remarked it was a classic.

Imperial Content:  My 90 just turned over 85000 miles this week, pretty good for an 18 year old daily driver...
I bought a 62 that was white in the headlights and
mint green the next morning. "running when parked"
turned into a seized engine

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