Re: IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump
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Re: IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump

9/16 socket

two bolts that affix the PS pump to the block, and
perhaps remove the battery.

Replace the pressure and return lines while you are in

I did this on the 72 and the rebuilt pump promptly
stopped working below 2000 rpm.  If you use an old box
with a new pump, the remanufaturing people suggest an
inline power steering filter, which I installed.  Car
works properly with the replacement pumpt that I had
to pay for.


--- Frederick Joslin <fljoslin@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Dave:I removed the power steering pump on a 383
> 1966 Newport a couple
> of years back. As I recall it was not especially
> demanding, just a real
> pain in the lower back if you get what I mean. One
> of those not ergonomic
> jobs. I do not think I had to remove anything to get
> the pump out. A 1964
> Imperial may be different.Good luck.
>   ----- Original Message -----
>   From: "dave brown"
>   To: mailing-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>   Subject: IML: 1964 Imperial power steering pump
>   Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:26:09 -0400
>   Hi All,
>   I need to remove the power steering pump from my
> 64 Imperial.  I was
>   looking it over a few weeks ago in my garage. 
> I've been pretty busy
>   since that time now, and don't have a good mental
> picture in my
>   head.  How much hardware do I need to remove to
> get the pump out ? 
>   My pump leaks.  That is why I am taking it out. 
> Right now, there is
>   no fluid in the pump when I take off the lid and
> look inside.  The
>   cardboard under my car has it all absorbed from
> the drips over the
>   last 5 1/2 months.  I have never removed a power
> steering pump
>   before.  I am an amateur back yard mechanic who
> does oil changes and
>   anti freeze flushes and disc brake jobs myself.  I
> am sure I have the
>   necessary skills and probably all the tools to do
> this myself.  I am
>   going to have my pump "rebuilt" with new seals.  I
> have someone lined
>   up to do this already; I just need to get it
> removed soon so I can
>   have it fixed.  Thanks for any and all advice. 
> This will be my 1st
>   attempt at doing any of my own work on my own
> Imperial.  Hopefully
>   this will build my confidence.....we'll see.
>   Dave Brown / New Jersey
>   64 crown coupe
>   66 lebaron
> Fred Joslin

Kenyon Wills

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