IML: 1958 Crown 2 door H/top Door Trims inserts now available
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IML: 1958 Crown 2 door H/top Door Trims inserts now available

Hello all, I am now making Beautiful Door inserts for the 58 Chrown 2 dor H/top, ( I think that they might also be used on some late 57?? )  these are the 4 Chrome Plastic pieces. There are 2 small and 2 very Large pieces, the Big ones have the crown in them.
OK so as usual I will be the only source in the World and we are talking Quality Hand Crafted parts so they will not be cheap, $800.00 us a set + shipping. What can I tell you except if you want Beautiful Crisp New inserts without the Cracks and missing chunks you have now they are available.
I found that they are very hard to take good pictures of since they are SOOOOOO  shiney, but if anyone wants to see the pictures I do have just drop me an email georgelaurie@xxxxxxxxxxx
Now let us be clear that I DO NOT have a heap of them laying around ready for you to buy, it is still very much a case of ordering and Waiting, and for sure it will be some weeks or running into months before you get them, I am a one man show working 12 hours a day 7 days a week at this, so you need to be paitent if you order them, but at least I  am crazy enough to make them, I only hope some of you guys want them and I can pay of the moulds and make a profit on the deal, I am keeping my fingers crossed ( HA )  regards George.

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