IML: MEK info - Was: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish
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IML: MEK info - Was: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish

Ken and others:

I went to the MSDS for MEK and read through the material.  You are right; it
is not all that bad.  

The cautions that apply to occasional use are the usual, "wear chemical
resistant long gloves, wear a respirator if you are going to be working with
it for a long time, and have good ventilation. Have an eye-wash station or
equivalent handy, and always flush with water if it gets in your eye or on
your skin". 

For the complete official data sheet, go to:

I think the bottom line is, go ahead and use it, just treat it with respect,
don't get it on you, and if it gets on your clothes, take them off, take a
shower and wash the clothes. 

It is a GREAT Solvent for cleaning parts!

Dick Benjamin

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I received a lot of questions regarding my leather refurbishing project 
for my 61 convertible and thought I would consolidate them into one 
message for answering to keep from cluttering up the list.  If you 
missed it, the web site with the pictures is at
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Dick Benjamin asked:

I'm surprised you were able to buy MEK so easily. ....Did you get a
material safety bulletin with the product when you bought it?

It was just sitting on the shelf at my local Ace Hardware Store. It 
carried the standard cautions to avoid vapors, don't swallow, don't 
smoke, keep it off of skin and out of eyes and keep it away from 
children.  It has a curious message on the can stating that it is a 
"Product of U.S.A. Packaged in Canada".  The brand name is Recochem.

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