Re: IML: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish
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Re: IML: 61 Imperial Interior Refurbish

Ken and group:

I'm guessing that others may ask this same question, that is why I'm going through the list.

If I understand it correctly, this is a 3 step proccess:

1st - Soak (for months even) the leather with a softener
2nd - Clean with MEK, and sand with wire brush
3rd - Use a COLORED DYE/softener product that will restore the proper color to the sanded leather.

(The dye is the part I was missing before)  Is that a correct synopsis?  Thanks for the help,

Dan Richardson
300L Family Heirloom

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From: Ken Miller <kdmiller44@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I received a lot of questions regarding my leather refurbishing project 
> for my 61 convertible and thought I would consolidate them into one 
> message for answering to keep from cluttering up the list.  If you 
> missed it, the web site with the pictures is at 

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