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Re: IML: TNT engine in '68 Imperials

The "high-performance" option for the '68 Imperial consisted of a dual snorkle air cleaner and a dual exhaust system without resonators. The gross horsepower was raised from 350 to 360. This engine was NOT the same as the TNT/Magnum/Super Commando. That engine made 375 horsepower as a result of a high-performance camshaft, stiffer valve springs, up-swept exhaust manifolds, a viscous fan drive, and a double snorkle or un-silenced air cleaner. Some had dual point distributors too. It was available in all car lines except the Imperial and Town&Country wagons. The 440 Dual, as it was called for Imperials, was available for all Imperials in '68, T&C wagons with the tow package, and police cars. All of the TNT equipment is transferrable to an Imperial, however. The up-swept manifolds are a good addition to any 440, but C-bodies used their own driver's side manifold designed to clear the steering column. The passenger side H.P. manifolds are all the same.
Anyway, all '68 Imperials should have the standard performance K-code(in the VIN) regardless of whether it has the 440 Dual option or not. Technically, the L-code TNT was not an option, but that is not to say none were built. Just imagine, a special run of '68's, 500 or so, coupes or sedans who cares, with TNT engines, red paint in the chrome on the sides instead of black, a touch of red paint on the wheel covers-behind the fins or in the center, power leather bucket seats with a console and tachometer, and a 3.23 Sure-Grip. Great looks, performance, and comfort-a real triple threat!
gold '65 Crown
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Hola All
The Imperial Division High Performance 440 had the following:  An Dual Snorkle Air Cleaner Housing ( There were no bright orange colours on the lid or else where.  The Imperial Division engine colour was as the non Hi-Perf versions. ),   The Hi-Per Exhaust manifolds per design of the package of the "C" body series with dual exhaust,  The Carter AVS 4429S Carburator,  The Power Steering unit with the Larger Diam Pulley ( as per all Hi-Perf 440's in any division ), an smaller 18" diam Cooling Fan  and the cam assembly now known as P4529270.
As per 66-67 and now 1968 if the car had the dual exhaust 440 or was ordered with the "Tow Package" the 3.23:1 ratio was part of the Sure-Grip.  ( If the car was with out any of the above, the Imperial Division Sure-Grip could be had with 2.94:1 gears. )
Due to the Imperials weight and the fact the HP cam had no "bottom end" an Torque Convertor with an stall speed of 2400-2600 rpm's was used instead of the usual 1600-1800 rpm Torque Convertor.
If any member is planning on cloning this package in any 413 or 440 powered Imperial, the MoPar P4286675 cam assembly is an better choice.
Also the 1967 and newer exhaust manifolds will not fit the driver's side space on the 1959-1966 "D"  bodied Imperials.
Rodger & Gabby
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Does anyone know if an engine option "TNT" was available on the '68? Was the air filter ring that typically said "Imperial" say "TNT"? In advance thanks!
Bill P.

Colchester, Vermont
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