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Re: IML: My lucky day...

    Imperially speaking, that type of asset ability is termed "economy proof"...LALOL......thanks for the info and I will look forward to pics...
In a message dated 3/6/2008 1:09:06 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, shelbyguy@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Jack...Here is the email I just got from my friend in PA who was on the tour.  He is a certifiable Mopar nut.  I'll send the pictures to you offline but to me they look like add ons.
I talked to one of the two shop guys about the "Imperial" T&C.  He said
the story was that the owner of a dealership ordered the car new, took
delivery, and never titled it.  When he died it sold at auction and the
second owner never titled it either.  Bulgari bought it at auction from
the second owner (with less than 4500 miles).  One of the Imperial
badges is visible on one of the shots from the auction site that I sent
you yesterday, so we know the shop in Allentown did not add the them.
My guess would be that the dealership owner added the badges way back
when.  Never say never with Chrysler, who knows, a dealer with
connections (or just the right order sheet) might have been able to have
a one of one built by the factory.

It must be nice to have cubic money.

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