IML: Imperial Encounters of the Best Kind
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IML: Imperial Encounters of the Best Kind

Fellow Imperialists:
    There shall be no answers to any inquiries in this post, only the relation of a planned Imperialistic encounter with a fellow member as created by the camaraderie which is, to me, just as much a part of this list as the information which we all share.
    I was not an "Imperial" guy when I purchased my '56 'Turq', but only came to know the cars, then respect the cars, then marvel at the engineering, and then lust for aesthetic marvels they are, as direct result of my membership in this community.  I had never before this considered 'chat rooms', as I saw these on-line groups to be, nothing more than the lazy youthful exchanges of another generation, however this repartee and minutiae of detail shared upon every inquiry at this site was mesmerizing.  And after a few months came the evolution of paying attention to the particular guru's we each have for our year Imperials, and then those who are just plain informative upon every post.
    These member's who know their year's so well and share that knowledge openly are so greatly appreciated!!!  And in the 'off-grid' exchanges which occur between our fellow year member's --and member's of the like, really-- we are privileged to have virtual conversation and inevitably share more than the pleasantries of our cars and develop friendships along the way.  Some of the member's are physically close enough, or have been around long enough, to have seen each other 'around the circuit' as it were, and are/have become quite friendly over time.  Although I am aware there are member's here in New England, I have yet to have the honor of a meet for a myriad of reasons:  mostly due to my own time constraints.
    That all changed when a fellow '56'er from the Heartland of America who has relatives in Boston and I made arrangements in the last week to meet today for a spell prior to his imminent departure back home and around my family obligations.  I thusly had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gary Kitterman today along with his divine wife as they came to my home north of Boston and we shared Imperial cares as only Imperialists can!!!  I refer to him now as my first 'cosmic friend' as without the Internet and the OIC we surely would never have crossed paths, and also because I had never 'done anything like that before'...LOL...  Our families enjoyed the brief respite and agreed of course to do it again when they are in town and hopefully when the weather here is more accommodating so we can tour this coastline of the North Shore.
    Down the road I am quite looking forward to that dream ride about the country with wife in Turq as we enjoy this great and glorious land of ours in the wonderful Salute to America that our Imperials are, and in that Great Spin won't I look forward to sharing time with other member's of this club who will have me!   For knowing Mr. Kitterman is the type of individual this list is made up of, I will assure one and all, now and even back to the marketer's of days-gone-by, that they hit the nail on the head when aiming for the driver's of these powerful, luxurious and most, shiny delights, as indicated by today's member's as driver's:  considerate and refined we all are indeed! 
    Thank you all for your considerable time, volunteer's and poster's alike.  And if any Imperialist is looking for a 'Rest Area' north of Boston, please look me up.
Respectfully To All,

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