IML: 1992 Imp radio and overhead panel
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IML: 1992 Imp radio and overhead panel

I recently acquired a 1992 Imp. I bought it from a dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio. I live in Kingston, Ontario. That is about half way between Montreal and Toronto.

The car has a 3.8 liter engine and seems to run pretty good. It is about a 13 hour drive home.

I had to get a 10 day temp permit to drive it home, and insurance.

To register it in Ontario, I had to get a mechanical safety certificate and an emissions test certificate. That is done along with some brake work and bearings.

Not working, is my radio and my overhead console. The factory radio says Infinity on it, accomodates a cassette and has a built in equalizer. The radio seems to be totally dead. I'm going to get it into a local shop here, Norton Electronics, to see if they can repair it. If not, I have a CD/radio to install.

The overhead console is another story. My mechanic reports that all the leads are live, but the unit seems to be dead. It has 6 buttons on it, including temp, time, mileage, and I forget the others. Anyway, is there some specific gizmo I should be looking for inside it, or is it all welded together as a single component? And does anyone have that console to sell me?

The cruise works very well. It has climate control, but I don't know, until some warm weather, whether the A/C works.

Also, I want to move the seat mount (or rails) to the rear at least 4" to the rear. I am tall at 6'6" and I need more leg room. I moved the seat all the way back and down and then the power controls stopped working. My mechanic says that the controls are almost impossible to get at now. Maybe I screwed up an electrical lead. He says I have to take it to a body shop to remount it to the rear.

Also, that storage box on the floor is in the way of my lower right leg. I need to bend my knee quite a bit to fit in there now and that box pressing against my leg gets quite uncomfortable after a few miles.

So, to recap, I need some advice on fixing or replacing:

1.  The overhead console, which is right above my rear view mirror
2. My radio. I recall reading some info about some oddball connexions that this model Imp has on the speakers 3. the driver's seat rails should be mounted further to the rear to accomodate me
4.  that damn storage box on the floor between the driver and passenger

Everything else on the car is pretty nice. It is good on gas, unlike my 76 and 78 NYBs. It has no rust. It has 88,000 miles on it.

Thanx for any help you may give me.

Alan Harper
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