IML: Brake Line Kit & Shoes for '60-'62 models
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IML: Brake Line Kit & Shoes for '60-'62 models

To the Group;

I ordered a kit from J C Whitney that included a 25 ft. coil of 3/16 inch tin plated steel tubing for repairing the brake lines in my Imperial. The price for the kit was $34.99 plus shipping $11.99. I had visited the website for Classic Tube and had them send me a catalog. As it turned out Classic Tube was the supplier for J C Whitney. The same kit in Classic Tube's catalog is priced at $18.95. J C Whitney marked the item up about 185%. If you need brake lines for your Imperial, check with Classic Tube first. They do have exact patterns for a '62 according to a representative I spoke with. They may have to make the set for you and there will be a delay of perhaps a few days before it gets shipped.

If you buy a set of brake shoes for a '60-'62 model, check how the lining is finished along the edges of the curved steel backing where the lining is attached. Make sure that the lining does not extend beyond the edges of the metal underneath. If it does you may have a problem when the brakes are applied. On my '62 the linings on one shoe were allowed to extend beyond the edge of the metal and when I applied the brakes it broke part of the lining off. The lining material caught on the edge of the platforms it rides on and cracked the lining material in a circular pattern. Fortunately the broken material stayed in place and did not get caught under the shoe against the drum surface. There are excellent pictures in the Factory Service Manuals and Master Technician articles on our club website about "Center Plane" and "Total Contact Brakes" to help you remove, install and adjust the brake parts on these cars.

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