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Re: IML: IMLRacing Vs Aircraft

The Race Tracks, Drag Strips, and some local Sunoco stations have racing fuel. You can also go to a small airport, and buy all the 100LL Av gas you want, and it's cheaper. We use it to tune for Max performance tests, then de-tune for the 89 pump gas.Dave.
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Where does one buy racing fuel? Can just anybody purchase it?
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> > From: "Richard Porter Jr."
> > Subject: IML: Lead Additive
> >
> > I own a 1966 Chrysler Imperial. Some mechanics say use a lead
> > additive, plus premium gas, and some say just use premium gas. I'm
> > confused. What do the Imperialist use?
> The lead or lead substitute mostly helps when driving fast and hot,
> or under other heavy load conditions. That being said, when I can afford
> it I mix in about a quarter of a tank of 110 octane leaded racing fuel.
> That cushions the valve seats, and gets the octane up around 95-97,
> where it really belongs.
> -Kle.
> '69 Crown 4DHT (currently in reserve)
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