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other FL Cars I have Owned
Author: imopar380 (Show all albums)

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This is how I found the 1960 Dodge Matador in the winter of 2016. See the photo of it below, when I owned it back around 1980-1982. The guy who did this should be strung up.

1962 Chrysler 300 I owned from 1982 until 2008. This car was optioned out with the 300-H engine with dual four barrels, heavy duty suspension, 150mph speedometer, leather interior, power windows, power seat, signal seeking radio, power antenna, 15" wheels and 300-H wheel covers, and optional rocker trim. This car is now in the hands of some very capable and loving owners in the Seattle area.

My very first car, 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Spring Special, owned June through October 1974. I believe this car was a US built model because it had the B engine ( although it was a 2 barrel carb ) whereas I have been told all the Canadian built Custom Royals used only the 354 Poly, and this car also had the US Custom Royal interior upholstery and door panels, as well as the name Mopar embossed on the rad. The Canadian Custom Royals used US Royal upholstery and the Chryco name was embossed on the rad. Interesting thing that the dealer's chrome script on the trunk lid was from a Canadian dealer.... so I'm still trying to figure that one out. AND a neighbour on my street several houses up the road also had a 58 Custom Royal with the same upholstery, same engine etc., although his car was gold and white and not a Spring Special - and at the time we had no idea why mine had different trim than his - didn't know about the Spring Specials. What would be the chances of TWO US built 58 Custom Royals living on the same street at the same time in the same city on Vancouver Island, CANADA? I wish I could go back and research those two cars.

1960 Dodge Polara ( Canadian ) I owned from 1974 thru 1995, now owned by good friend Ron Wenzel. This car may be the most loaded 1960 Dodge around, although it does NOT have ram induction, it has torqueflite, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power swivel seat, mirror-matic, automatic headlamp dimmer, left remote control fender mirror, right outside fender mirror, park brake warning light, rear defogger, power antenna, AM radio, four bar spinner wheelcovers, front and rear bumperettes, power-pak ( 361 with-Carter AFB and dual exhausts ) OH yes don't forget the rear quarter panel stainless - it was optional on both Matador and Polara in both Canada and the USA. The paint job on this car ( 2007 photo ) as you see it here dates from - believe it or not - 1978 when I had it re-done. This was the second car I ever owned, bought it in Oct. 1974, as my driver. It was a local car and fairly solid other than VERY rusty eyebrows which had been quickly patched before I bought it. After several weeks of driving in rainy weather the patches started to lift. I got a set of rust-free fenders from Arizona in 1977. My sister in law's parents snow-birded there every winter and brought the fenders back for me in a rooftop carrier in their 1966 Meteor Montcalm 4 door hardtop. Cost of the fenders was $35.00 each from a wrecking yard in Apache Junction near Phoenix !

Redone interior on my ex- 1960 Polara. Upholstery from SMS in Portland. Done by present owner, Ron Wenzel. The car came originally with a front bench seat, I added a power seat track in 1979, and Ron added the swivel seats in 2006. They came from a 1960 DeSoto parts car - and the seats were bare bones to the springs and frame when found. This is a Canadian built Polara, which featured the same upholstery pattern found in the US Built 1960 Dodge Matador, which was not offered in Canada.

1960 Dodge Matador I owned 1980 through 1982. I bought this car while attending my first WPC National Meet in Seattle, July 1980 with my 1960 Polara. This car had power steering, power brakes, front and rear bumperettes, and a sky-high rear window. Also had dual fender mirrors but I can't remember if the driver's side was remote control. Apparently this car is sitting, somewhere around town here in parts as I write this ( Oct 07 ). UPDATE - This car was discovered again in the winter of 2016 sitting out in the weather stripped to bare metal and rusting. All the trim had been removed and thrown inside the car on what was the mint original seat covers. The original steering wheel which was the clear sparkle wheel was ruined as well. The person who did this...... I can't utter the words....

1960 DeSoto Adventurer (Canadian) I owned in 1977. This photo was taken in 1985 by the guy I sold it to. He sold it shortly thereafter to someone who let it sit under a tree for 20 years and the car is now a rusted hulk. There was NO rust on it at this photo shoot, and the original upholstery was basically perfect. Canadian 1960 DeSotos were all Adventurers ( no Fireflites ) and the upholstery was the same as a 1960 Chrysler Saratoga. There were NO 1961 DeSotos produced in Canada, 1960 was the last year for them here. The car is a 383- 2 barrel, torqueflite, power steering and brakes, radio, front and rear bumperettes, dual fender mirrors with left side remote control, and dual rear antennae.

1959 Canadian Chrysler Windsor, owned 1980 - 1982. The Canadian 59-60 Chrysler Windsors used a 361 engine rather than the raised block 383 found in the US versions. This car was a 361 2 barrel, with power brakes, MANUAL steering and a 7 button signal seeking radio. Also as a Canadian model, the upholstery was different - was basically the same as the Dodge Custom Royal upholstery. Although they are not on this car, there were three gold crowns on the front door of Canadian models while the US Windsor had the Golden Lion emblem in the same position under the side spear dip.

Undergoing re-assembly after cosmetic restoration, 1982. I paid $800.00 for the car and it cost me about $3000.00 for a cosmetic restoration - paint, chrome, polishing stainless, new carpets, an NOS grille, all new weatherstrip, and undercarriage clean up and re-undercoat.

Prior to cosmetic restoration, car was originally pink....when I bought the car it had only 44,000 original miles, interior was like new except for carpets, and headlner was sagging. I Sold the car in 82 after I bought my 300, it went to Ontario and I've never seen it since. There was virtually NO rust on this car prior to the body work - a tiny amount on the left rear quarter and bottom of the driver's side fender near the door. Trunk and floors were perfect, eyebrows fine. Wish I knew what happened to it since 1982 but apparently it went back east to( Ontario) the rust belt after I sold it.
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