Fw: Interior cleaning
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Fw: Interior cleaning

Hi all,

I am reposting this email from Larry as it was misdirected.

I did some research on this previously. (see below)To avoid using bleach on the top seems like a good precaution. There 
are several "all-natural" products sold online and in stores that claim to be safe to use but are bad news for mildew. Or 
you can make your own mixture. 
Here are a couple articles to review:





Let us know how it goes.

Gary H.

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: Larry Ashbaugh  
>  Sent: Oct 13 '20 18:31
>  My convertibles have black tbops and like most convertibles, leak
>  somewhat, meaning they have some mildew growing inside on the
>  underside of the convertible top.
>  Usually, I use something with bleach to kill the mildew, but am
>  reluctant to use bleach on a black canvas top. What do you all use to
>  clean canvas and vinyl interiors?
>  Thanks,
>  Larry

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