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Re: Staying at home 62-65 style

Thanks for the nice report Ray. Quite creative!

Gary H. 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  From: Ray Bell 
>  Working day by day here on the converter box for the clutch master
>  cylinder. I don't know if everyone knows, but the master cylinders
>  involved mount with about a 7-degree angle down at the front, this is
>  why the pivot is angled etc.
>  The purpose of the box is to be mounted up under the floor just under
>  the driver's seat. Using a bell-crank at the end of the existing rod
>  which goes to the Z-bar, I can put multiple holes in it to vary the
>  ratio to alter the travel, it also provides the final rod into the
>  front of this box (alongside where the master cylinder obviously will
>  mount) at about that 7-degree angle and there will be multiple mounts
>  along the lever you see in there to fine tune the travel ratio. The
>  links will all have rod ends, which I already fitted to the clutch
>  linkages to reduce wear, friction and lost travel.
>  There's still a way to go with this, the mount for the lever is only
>  half-done, the opposite end of the lever will ultimately run on a
>  nylon slide surface (to take the weight off the bushes in the pivot
>  point) and some trimming is required in a couple of places.
>  All of this is made from leftovers. The lever is a Peugeot 504 clutch
>  pedal (the bell crank will be made from a Peugeot 504 brake pedal and
>  mount on some more of the same piece of tube I cut up for this mount),
>  another bit of smaller tube as cut in half for the mount supports
>  inside the front panel, the basic material for the box started life as
>  a display shelf in a department store, many of which I bought for not
>  much money when the shop remodelled its displays.
>  And all those TEK screws? Bought huge numbers of these at a garage
>  sale maybe 15 years ago, I use them frequently, these ones will mostly
>  been unscrewed one by one and the holes welded up, thus spot welding
>  the box together. The mitre joints at the bottom of each corner will
>  be welded for stiffness.
>  The mount to the floor will be two pieces of yet another tube I sliced
>  in half, leaving a small piece on one side and a wide piece on the
>  other of each, it was 2" tubing, probably 14SWG, it will bolt up onto
>  the seat mounts on one side and a pair of fresh bolts on the other and
>  then bolt to the side of the box. There'll be covers top and bottom,
>  with louvres (I think) in the bottom cover to let water get out again
>  because it will surely get in there.
>  I'll keep you posted on this...
>  --
>  -- 

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