[59plymouth] Control arm won't separate...
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[59plymouth] Control arm won't separate...

I've successfully removed one tie rod end from the control arm with a tie
rod separator fork, but I can't get the bloody pitman arm joint to separate.
I've really been pounding on the sucker. I followed someone's suggestion to
load it up with penetrating oil, smack all around the ring with a hammer,
invert the crown nut on the threads and then try to smack it out. I'm afraid
I'm really going to damage something.

I guess I could try to heat the ring, but all I've got is a propane tank I
use for sweating copper joints. Will that get it hot enough? I'd really like
to avoid using heat altogether...

An aside: My goal is to drop the oil pan. With the driver's side free, will
it be possible to swing the control arm out of the way, and thus avoid
having to separate the joints on the passenger side?


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