{Chrysler 300} Altitude adjustment asking for a friend
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{Chrysler 300} Altitude adjustment asking for a friend

Could be 300 related as well as general knowledge-
If one were relocating an antique car like a letter series 300 from mile high Denver (car bought new there and lived its entire life at over 5000 feet) to a new location near sea level, what might one be expected to have to do regarding carb adjustments or even re-jetting to compensate for sea level operation?   Car is running fine as far as starting, idling, and accelerating, but the symptom in question is riding with the windows down and smelling an almost raw gas vapor odor.  No stains on carb or intake, no visible leaks anywhere.  New fuel lines, pump, filter, hoses, gasket on sending unit, etc.   No noticeable smell when sitting at idle in the driveway, or when operating at speed with windows closed and vent or A/C on.  The smell is less like exhaust fumes and more like raw gas, but no evidence of any gas dripping anywhere.  Tailpipes not blackened, no stuck choke or anything like that.  Any suggestions appreciated.  I've never had this experience on my G convertible, but I do have a bit of this phenomenon on my Hurst, I just don't know what else to suggest except maybe car is running rich in primary circuits and unburned gases from tailpipes are 'wrapping around' towards the open windows once the car is moving 40 or so mph?

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