{Chrysler 300} 1957 Chrysler 300C for sale on EBAY
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{Chrysler 300} 1957 Chrysler 300C for sale on EBAY

Fellow Members,

I have several 65 Chrysler 300 Ls, but I have always wanted to get a 300C. Of course, one day I would also like to get an F as well. After reading Dave Mason's email to the club about the Red 57 for sale by Ellingson's Classics, I am wondering what would be a reasonable price for this car?

I am not good with full restoration cars. I respect the enormous amount of time and money that go into those cars. I doubt that I will ever have that much time and money to restore any of my 300Ls, but I do like a nicely presented 'driver car' that I can take to the local car shows. I can show people that there is more out there than the typical Caddy, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, etc.

This 57 300C would be great to take to a local show and represent a powerful and sleek looking 50s fin car that is not a 'Tri-Five'. 

Any input on the good and bad in this car would be greatly appreciated. I went tp the seller's website to get more pics of the car. It surely seems to at least be a very nice driving quality car. At least better than any classic I currently own.

Another question that I saw in the club conversation on this car questioned weather it was a Red or a White car from the factory. It looks like it could be red, or was it originally white?

Rick Beckman
Cleveland, GA

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