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RE: [Chrysler300] 300-F time

Whatever happened to Ray Block’s 62 405 HP?



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Ronald Klinszar:  Chrysler did not serialize an engine code into a VIN until 1966.  Engine codes were not included on the Body Data Plates, either.

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How many 405 HP's are there, and are they identified in the VIN?   Ron Klinczar


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Hey Andy— great story on Ray Brock and 405 H clone . I remember that like it was yesterday . I had a 392 in 57 dodge D500 coupe with Packard OD stick , 3:70 . 1962 .( my mini 300!)  Best car I ever beat was a 421 Pontiac Ventura tri Power coupe 4 speed ( well — guy was not the best driver but I won) . State cop got both of us , pulled over , racing . I was in front , cuz I won. He gives Pontiac a ticket . (600 then) Comes to me “ what you have in this thing? “392 hemi ; “ Goes pretty good .. —Think it would beat my cruiser?”  (406 Ford) . We both start laughing . He says “ Have a great night ,I hate Pontiacs” — lets me go!! 

Later a good friend , waved at me . Cops like that are no more... 

thanks again for publishing that. 12.88 in a full size Chrysler ? Would have won whole thing except asleep on the line !   

What 454 chev? 409 ? Forget it 

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I’m almost done editing it. Didn’t want to take up all 40 pages.




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Happy (300-F)riday everyone out there in 300 land!

The latest News-Flite found its way into my snail mailbox today. This event always prompts me to get serious about the next issue. So, we're looking for some 300-F stories. A couple contributions have trickled in already and we're forward looking to a story from Nick, "Mr.." himself, but we need more to fill the 40-page Club News you have become accustomed to.

Had your 300 to any events lately? Send us a photo. I received a great shot of three 300-Fs together at a recent area show.

in peak fall colored Chicago


Posted by: "Jerry Lindsay" <jerrylindsay300h@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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