[Chrysler300] 1962 300 H Bucket Seats
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[Chrysler300] 1962 300 H Bucket Seats

Hello All,

Several years ago my wife & I bought this basket case H, thinking it was ALL there.  HA!
Well we are saving it one way or the other; all parts present or not!

I am into the front buckets of this H.

The front passenger bucket:
Complete; seat, frame, tracks.

The front drivers bucket
Not complete.
It was missing the steel pieces that bolt to the floor.
The slider tracks, handle & knob were there; but the pieces those are riveted to = gone!

I have tried to find these drivers side pieces; or a whole drivers seat for that matter.
Being that only 558 of these bucket seat H's were made; makes sense that I cannot find one, I guess.

Today I went to visit my metal fabricator friend so he could make the parts of the missing goods.
And while he fabricates, I am trying to clean & make the slider tracks operate as they should.
This means de-rusting the tracks, painting them & lubing them.

Does anyone have experience and / or photos of the restoration part of the bucket seats?
Mainly the under-seat-frame parts?

The slider tracks separate and in the tracks lives an odd shaped steel clip.
That clip houses 1 larger ball bearing & 2 smaller ball bearings; that help the tracks slide when the lever is moved.
Anyone know if those odd shaped clips exist anywhere?
Mine are weak & rusted.

I know that the steel pieces that bolt to the floor are NOT interchangeable; drivers to passenger.
The transmission tunnel makes the inner pieces shorter that the outers.

The slider tracks that live on top, I think they are interchangeable.
I mean both seats have levers to slide the seat forward & aft; right?

I would like to know what finish the tracks are supposed to have.
Adjusting lever too.

Any advice is helpful as this is NEW territory for me!

Matt Allyn


Posted by: Matt Allyn <allynentertainment@xxxxxxxxx>

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